Community mobilization campaign and active search for cases of suspected tuberculosis in the city of Garoua

Although activities continue to be disrupted by the current health situation (Coronavirus), the NGO-JAPSSO continues to carry out its community activities of active search for suspected cases of tuberculosis in the city of Garoua while respecting the barrier measures enacted by the government.

Thanks to the community agents for the active search for suspected tuberculosis patients, our activities have been a triumph. Afraid of contracting Covid19 , sick people go to hospital only after a very great effort by the community agents, sputum tests, door-to-door sensitization and the mini-campaign was more accentuated as well as sensitization for behaviour change. During door-to-door: 350 Households reached including 2028 People sensitized. During the mini awareness campaign: 166 Households reached including 991 people sensitized.

Talk with a housewife about TB transmission routes and how to live with a TB patient without getting the disease

At the regional hospital of Garoua, our main activity was to follow our patients and get in touch with new patients registered at the tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment centre, raids in the homes of index cases were also made.

Raising awareness on the mode of transmission of tuberculosis and services available in households

At the NDA Hospital of Djamboutou and the Baptist Hospital l’Espérance, our team proceeded to the collection of spittle from the needy people who referred accept to pay since in this CDT the exams are always paid for. For those who could not afford to pay, their spittle was sent to the Pasteur Center so that there their exams could be done free of charge. Raising community awareness of the modes of transmission of tuberculosis and the services offered to this effect is the framework of the activities we implement every month.

Discussion with a housewife about the need to go to the hospital if symptoms of tuberculosis are present