As a prelude to the official launch of the JAPSSO Vocational Training Centre

Several works have been undertaken since MINEFOP’s approval for the legitimization of the JAPSSO Vocational Training Centre was obtained.

Indeed, the creation of this centre was done in line with the training objectives of JAPSSO, but also and especially thanks to the very positive results obtained in the field in terms of quality of training and placement of learners during the training activities conducted by JAPSSO. The creation of the centre was then only a way of making a wider population benefit from the advantages acquired by this long experience in the field of professional training which only needed to be formalized.

Thus, training tests and simulations have been undertaken within the JAPSSO organization. In view of the success of these activities, a strong team of experts from different fields of training and management was formed to officially launch the said Professional Training Centre.

You will therefore hear a lot about this Centre in the upcoming JAPSSO Publications.