As a prelude to the official launch of the JAPSSO Vocational Training Centre

Several works have been undertaken since MINEFOP’s approval for the legitimization of the JAPSSO Vocational Training Centre was obtained. Indeed, the creation of this centre was done in line with the training objectives of JAPSSO, but also and especially thanks to the very positive results obtained in the field in terms of quality of training […]

JAPSSO goes digital !

To meet the requirements and challenges of performance, JAPSSO, always in the spirit of continuous improvement, has opted for an effective strategy: the digitalization of its processes. It is within this framework that JAPSSO has called upon an expert in digitalization of organizations to implement, within JAPSSO, new working methods that integrate digital tools into […]

Working session for the improvement of the quality of work within the organization

Within the framework of the CIM Project organized by GIZ in which experts from the diaspora were involved in the development of local institutions, JAPSSO benefited directly and even indirectly. Thus, we worked with Mr. Erbin Dikongue, an expert consultant from the Cameroonian Diaspora in Germany, from 2 August to 23 August 2019. And on […]

Official launch of the JAPSSO Professional Training Centre (JAPSSO PSC)


Finally!!!! The moment of the big launch has arrived !!! The JAPSSO Professional Training Center (JAPSSO PTC), whose launch was preceded by multiple working sessions with invited experts, is now present on the social networks Facebook and Linkedin. The future learners will be privileged because they will benefit from a guaranteed accompaniment with almost 80% […]

Community Mobilization Campaign on Tuberculosis in the city of Garoua

Campagne de mobilisation communautaire de mobilisation sur la tuberculose dans la ville de Garoua

Always in full swing in its social activities, the NGO JAPSSO continues the Community Mobilization Campaign on tuberculosis in the city of Garoua. The raids have made it possible to reach the most vulnerable groups. Our teams have not hesitated to go ever further, ever deeper into the regions, braving all natural obstacles. We were […]

How to energize community ties through networking

In order to build a reliable network of CSOs, the Kick-Off Meeting of the CRD-MAS Club was held on Wednesday, November 13, 2019. The organizations present were the following: Motorcycle Action JAPSSO Alternative action Humanity first Women’s Horizon cscc health AFASO And many others The agenda included a presentation of the initiative by Patrice NDzie. Moto […]