Community Mobilization Campaign on Tuberculosis in the city of Garoua

Campagne de mobilisation communautaire de mobilisation sur la tuberculose dans la ville de Garoua

Always in full swing in its social activities, the NGO JAPSSO continues the Community Mobilization Campaign on tuberculosis in the city of Garoua.

The raids have made it possible to reach the most vulnerable groups. Our teams have not hesitated to go ever further, ever deeper into the regions, braving all natural obstacles. We were thus able to reach households and people with suspected cases of tuberculosis directly through door-to-door visits, as shown in the images below.

Residents, and even heads of households, were answered about their concerns about the signs and symptoms of TB.

At JAPSSO, we are always pushing the envelope and staying true to our goals.

Exchange with local residents during the ongoing campaign
Referral of an alleged case the campaign is in progress

Exchange with local residents during the current campaign

Responding to a head of household’s concerns about the signs and symptoms of tuberculosis
Exchange with housewives on tuberculosis
Household door-to-door sensitization