JAPSSO goes digital !

To meet the requirements and challenges of performance, JAPSSO, always in the spirit of continuous improvement, has opted for an effective strategy: the digitalization of its processes.

It is within this framework that JAPSSO has called upon an expert in digitalization of organizations to implement, within JAPSSO, new working methods that integrate digital tools into internal processes:

The design of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package that takes into account the management of projects, teams, resources, EMD (Electronic Document Management), accounting and finance;
The design of an LMS for continuous training and capacity building of the team.

Thus, an update was made in the premises of JAPSSO on 04 September 2019 by the expert consultant Bassahak Jean Marc, in charge of the digitization of JAPSSO. The agenda was about the Presentation of the JAPSSO management platform (ERP), the Presentation of the JAPSSO internal training platform and its content and the involvement of the staff.

The JAPSSO Management Platform (ERP)

The JAPSSO management platform is an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It is used to digitize the organization in its processes (Management of projects, teams, resources, EDM (Electronic Document Management), accounting and finance) to save time and performance.

The JAPSSO internal training platform

JAPSSO’s digitized staff training platform is an LMS (Learning Management System). It allows to automate online training and to ensure an efficient follow-up. It will provide administrators with the ability to track and monitor learners through detailed statistical reports.

Staff involvement

However, digitalisation requires changes in working habits and methods, and the staff is at the centre of these refonts. The staff present were therefore made aware of their involvement.

In our desire to constantly move forward, we spare no effort to find ways to achieve excellence. Thus, you will be right to always trust the NGO JAPSSO.